We help companies build trust in digital content in a world of GenAI

We specialize in establishing verifiable authenticity for your visual, audio and video content using temper-evident technologies and established standards.

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We believe its important to know, what is made by humans and what is made by generative AI. Our approach is based on building provenance:

Establishing truth at the origin

Proving after the fact if content is AI generated or not is unreliable. Content Provenance is about establishing the origin of content in a transparent way.

Using tamper-evident technologies

Reliable provenance history can be created using technologies like cryptography (e.g. c2pa), fingerprinting, watermarking and distributed ledgers.

Labeling and disclosures of content

Publishers and social media networks need to properly label and disclose content using provenance metadata and information to maintain trust.

Allowing users to verify information

Media consumers need to be able to verify themselves the information and origin of a piece of digital media to not only rely on publishers disclosures.

We work with publishers, media companies and agencies on implementing provenance and authenticity solutions

From ideation workshops to end to end provenance solutions for your organization

Workshops & strategic decisions

We strategise and spare with you and your team on dealing with the challenges of synthetic content, content provenance methods and implementing technical solutions. We help you to review your workflows to retain provenance and build provenance data trails.

Provenance solutions for digital content libraries

Tailored solutions for agencies, content creators and content IP owners.

C2PA implementation

We provide tools and services to embed provenance to your existing content library using C2PA spec and multi-layered approaches using DLT and imperceptible watermarking solutions. We offer managed solutions as well as help you implement C2PA into your existing tech stack.

Content labeling & user verification solutions

We help publishers and media companies to display provenance data and educate users

Content Credentials & verification tools

We help publishers to build trust by displaying provenance data, label content and build trustworthy solutions for your users to self-verify the content they are seeing. We provide insights and work with you on user communication strategies around provenance data.

About and why we do what we do

About AddTrust

With the ease of creating photo-realistic images, videos, and replicating voices, verifying authenticity is vital. We are tackling a crucial issue in the era of generative AI: distinguishing between real and synthetic content. AddTrust was founded by Philip Mohr in 2024 to empower publishers and media owners to develop provenance systems and establish industry standards to battle AI misinformation and help secure authentic media.

Why we trust in provenance

AI detection, while necessary, is inherently probabilistic and not universally accessible. It remains a cat-and-mouse game. We believe in the development of provenance systems and the labeling of content either at its origin or by trusted entities. This applies equally to content created by humans and by generative AI. We believe It is essential that everyone has the ability to verify whether a picture, video, audio, or livestream is authentic or synthetic.

Philip Mohr


Experienced Entrepreneur, building tech products for 10 years +

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